Adding a pet to your home and family can be an exciting and stressful task! There are many factors to consider:  the type of pet to choose, the space available inside and outside of your home, the time available in your schedule, etc.  In this article, we’ll review some tips to help you bring home… Read more »

HVAC Troubleshooting for Homeowners

Climate control is one of the greatest inventions of humankind since leavened bread, but when it’s suddenly not working properly, or it stops working all together, your HVAC system can become a massive source of stress and worry. Before you decide to panic, though, consider doing a little troubleshooting of your system. There are several… Read more »

14 Fall Decor Ideas for Home

From the first change of color in the foliage to the fragrance of home-baked pie, falloffers a lot to look forward to. The kids are back in school, holidays are around thecorner, spiced lattes are the rage, and it is finally sweater weather. To enjoy the seasonto the fullest, it is important to maximize the… Read more »

Should You Sell or Should You Remodel Your Home?

Your home, as they say, is where your heart is, and for so many homeowners, it’s a lot more thana saying. Their home is a place where they made so many memories with family and friends, andconsidering selling it can be extremely painful. But what do you do if your home is no longermeeting your… Read more »

Summer Siding Clean-Up

Good siding can go a long way toward making your home look beautiful. For a lot ofhomeowners, they discover only one big drawback to having siding on their homes: itneeds to be cleaned to keep it looking its best. Depending on the color of your siding,you may notice dirty streaks, dusty discoloration, and possibly even… Read more »

How Does a HELOC Work?

Home values have risen dramatically in the last few years.  Many homeowners are looking for ways to tap their equity without selling their home or refinancing their primary mortgage. If your home has gained significant value since you purchased it, or you’ve paid so long on your mortgage that you have ample equity in your… Read more »


Homeowners know the importance of maintaining their home. If you don’t give certainparts of your home tune-ups every year, you risk having to deal with costly repairs. Most homeowners know about scheduling AC maintenance and cleaning the gutters,but many other maintenance tips might fall to the wayside. This article lists somecommon home maintenance mistakes and… Read more »

Owning a Home is YOUR Hedge Against Inflation

You have felt it!! Gas, Groceries, Cars, Tools, and EveryDay Items are going up and cost morealmost daily. These climbing consumer costs hurt your Budget, possibly postponing manypurchases, especially the larger items. Here are thoughts on why Buying a Home or Owning a Home can help you fight the demands ofinflation. Owning a Home or… Read more »