Earlier this year The CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) has released this financial training for children on their website that is absolutely FREE. CLICK HERE to get to the training.

CFPB says, “To build money skills, follow the three building blocks”

Due to the coronavirus, many schools are out or transitioning to distance learning and the CFPB understands your kids are home with you or other in-home caregivers. Use the CFPB’s free activities to help children build the important skills they will need to manage money into adulthood.   The CFPB has conducted research on how children and young adults develop the financial capability that they’ll need in adulthood. They break this down into three “building blocks” that children acquire as they grow. All of their financial education activities are based on three building blocks: executive function, financial habits and values, financial decision-making skills.   To learn more about these key building blocks for financial literacy and how they can help your children, visit the CFPB website.