Southern Utah Real Estate Photography

Why I Hire A Professional Photographer

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? What they should be saying is a picture is worth a Thousand Dollars!

Properties with professional photography sell for at least $934 more then similar listings on average. That’s almost $1,000 and on homes with a higher price tag - that numbers jumps significantly.

With over 90% of people searching online for their next home, property pictures have never played a more valuable role getting homes sold. Even 75% of seniors are searching for properties online.

With the internet being used as the primary tool for their home search, property pictures are often the first thing buyers notice, and are often the deciding factor as to whether your home makes their list.
Professional listing photos generate an average of 139% increase in “clicks” compared to similar listings without professional photography.

I use professional real estate photographer Teressa Sorensen to photograph all of my properties.

Its simple. Professional photographs generate more views online. More views means more people are looking at your home. The more people have an interest in your home the more likely your home will sell faster, and for more money.

More Clicks, More Views, More Money!