When Bigger Isn't Better: The Perks of Downsizing Your Home

Living in a large house while supporting a growing family makes sense, but all that extra space can be difficult for empty nesters to maintain and afford. Change is scary, especially when it comes to moving, but downsizing by moving to a smaller home doesn’t have to be a negative experience—in fact, downsizing comes with a lot of benefits that can make your life much easier.

1. Spend less time and money on maintenance.

With a larger house, cleaning is an all-day project: vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, or tidying can take hours. Maintaining a large yard in St. George means constantly fighting a losing battle against the sun and sand. And keeping your home’s exterior up to par in these conditions is an uphill struggle as well.

A smaller house means fewer rooms and a smaller yard. Cleaning your home and maintaining its exterior and yard becomes a manageable project, not a time-consuming task that requires continual attention. With all that extra time, you can do something you actually enjoy—read a book, take up a new hobby, or devote your time and resources to one perfect and productive vegetable garden.

2. Save money.

Keeping a massive house cool all year long was likely one of your largest expenses. With temperatures climbing into the hundreds in the summer and rarely dropping below fifty in the winter, St. George air conditioners have to work full-time to keep each room in the house at a livable temperature.

Smaller houses cost much less to cool and retain cool air much better than bigger houses. This means your utility bill stays low, saving you money each month. Since your property is smaller, other costs like property taxes are lower as well.

3. Use your extra funds.

Since you’re saving so much money on maintenance and energy by downsizing, you have more money to spend on things you actually enjoy! This can mean a spare fund for improving your new, smaller home: a smaller kitchen is much easier to remodel, and with the money you’re saving, it’s finally affordable too.

Your extra funds can be put to other uses too, such as that dream vacation you’ve always fantasized about.

4. Live more simply.

Eliminating the clutter that piles up in larger houses is perhaps the most intimidating part of downsizing your home. Instead of obsessing over the lack of storage space, see this transition as a chance for a simpler life: get rid of your excess stuff and refocus on what’s really important in life.

Hang on to the things you use every day and that have emotional significance to you—everything else is just getting in the way of a simpler, happier life.

5. Sell your home more easily.

Because they have so many upsides, especially lower energy costs, smaller homes are much easier to sell than big ones. Your resale value usually stays high in a smaller home as opposed to a larger one.

For more tips on downsizing or to start the process of selling your large house in favor of a cozier, more manageable home, contact SG City Real Estate—we’re happy to help you simplify your life today.